Clients / H&B
Skills Used / Illustrator, Photoshop
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Brutalist Villa is an inward-looking residence situated within a 5.7 acres of forested land. You will arrive to the villa after passing through the Three Sisters Crops, a vineyard, and an orchard. The villa is surrounded by forest at the end of the lot. Instead of generously framing views to the landscape, the villa respects the privacy of the interior by limiting the openings on the exterior enclosure, while opening up to the small interior haven, reminiscent of Mediterranean courtyard plans. The corridor circling around the inner courtyard provides access to a diversity of rooms on the periphery of the building, while displaying a play of light and concrete inside. It is only on the roof that the building and the site reconnect. An extensive roof garden occupies half of the roof space, adjacent to a lounge area. The landscape is reponed once again through narrow openings in the parapet to give a fragmented vista to the viewer in a seated position.