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One of the services that we offer at the Architectural Gig is remodeling services.

The project presented here is “Barn to House” project which is designed to celebrate and preserve the barn’s truss ceiling and its existing façade. The key architectural strategy  was to connect the building to the lake by  designing a bridge space on the upper floor  which opens the view to the lake through a large  glazed window system (replacing the barn’s roll-  up door), while simultaneously draws southern  daylight into the family room. The living spaces are a response to the building’s previous function. The barn house is separated into three zones: the kitchen and the three bedrooms behind it (10 ft. high ceiling); the middle area (7 ft. 7 in. high ceiling); and the living room open to the truss-frame. The family/office area and the master suite is open to the truss-frame with a maximum ceiling height of 7 ft. 8 in.